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More effective winter maintenance, safer roads, comprehensive overview and cost savings. Thanks to road weather technologies, you can keep roads safe and clear.

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Into a new winter season with a new meteorological system

Into a new winter season with a new meteorological system

Our company has been involved in meteorological support for winter road maintenance in the Czech Republic for many years. In addition to the production and supply of road meteorological stations for Czech roads and motorways, we operate the so-called road meteorological information system. This year, marked by extraordinary circumstances, we have managed to significantly modernize this system after years.

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Road Weather

Software Metis

Real-time road weather and road situation data easily accessible from your computer.

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Universal control unit for road weather stations.

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2DRoad Meteorological camera

Hi-tech meteorological camera for a comprehensive overview of road weather.

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We have equipped the Czech road network with over 650 road weather stations and therefore we greatly contribute to easier winter maintenance and to road safety.

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