Easing city traffic

Traffic control

Traffic control systems tailored to the specific needs of any town or city. Thanks to smart traffic lights, driving through the city will be much smoother and stress free. Ambulances and buses will take preference and dispatchers will have a clear overview of the traffic.

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We manage traffic in Aarhus, Denmark from Zlín

We manage traffic in Aarhus, Denmark from Zlín

Denmark is a country, where traffic is considered in a great detail. You could hardly find such a sophisticated network of cycle paths that intertwine the streets of cities. Despite this, Danish cities face congested roads and congestion. In a university city of Aarhus, our smart eDaptiva traffic management system helps change this.

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Traffic Control

Software eDaptiva

eDaptiva is a dispatcher software package for traffic lights control and adaptive traffic control. It is flexible and can fulfil all your needs.

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Traffic light controllers and signal heads

One of the best traffic light controllers, which can operate decentralizedly, in coordination or connected to the traffic management center.

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Safe crossing

We provide a complete safe crossing solution with traffic lights, pedestrian push buttons and vehicle speed monitoring.

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Case study

Our smart C2X systems help to interconnect the traffic lights in Brno with the surrounding infrastructure and traffic.

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