Effective winter maintenance

METIS is a system, which monitors the weather and road conditions. It allows you to plan and manage the winter maintenance effectively, as well as check the overall costs and salt dosage.

  • Warning system
  • Real-time data
  • Cost and material saving
  • Treatment recommendation
  • Road safety procuration
  • Precise experience-based prognoses
  • Comprehensive overview of results
  • Available also as a smartphone app
  • Early warning system
  • Open platform
  • Winter maintenance performance check


  • Status map
  • Road weather station
  • Cameras
  • Radar images
  • Forecasts
  • Warnings

Support system for road operators

Software for winter road maintenance

SSWM forecasting module is a complex system, which helps road operators with maintenance planning and with predicting of critical situations for each and every road stretch.

  • Maintenance scenario
  • Time and cost saving
  • 12 hours forecast


  • It recommends individualized treatment for each maintenance area, including salt dosage
  • A sophisticated forecasting core and predictions for each and every road stretch enable selective maintenance, which saves time and costs considerably
  • Forecast for upcoming 12 hours for every 1 km of the road network
  • Road status classification: dry, wet, snow, drifting snow, frost, ice
  • Integration of road weather stations data, weather prediction model Aladin,gritter data and thermal mapping
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WMI Winter maintenance performance and cost analysis

Financial controlling

Effective winter maintenance ensures costs savings. It can be easily controlled by a WMi tool set. It can control maintenance performance and monitor vehicles via GPS. It is even able to analyse the maintenance on the basis of weather conditions and compile invoice materials.


  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Performace reports
  • Performance check
  • Adequacy check
  • Financial controlling
  • Invoice tools
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