CrossMet V4

Control Unit

CrossMet V4 control unit works as the core of the whole road weather station. It is compatible with various sensors and it measures air humidity, road status, wind force and other adjustable parameters effectively. It sends data to your computer or to changeable traffic signs.

  • Full control using API
  • Power supply options
  • Compatible with sensors from many global manufacturers


  • Compatible with sensors from many global manufacturers
  • Several power supply options
  • Adaptation of device outputs for specific applications
  • Remote upgrade option
  • Simple datalogger diagnostics via LED diodes
  • The weather station can be adapted for different power sources (from public lighting, solar panel, etc.)
  • Fully remote configuration and monitoring using API or web interface
  • Data output adaptation for variable message signs and other applications
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Supported sensors for road weather station


All you need for a comprehensive overview from the road weather station. Choose yourselves, which sensors you want to make use of.


  • Road condition sensors: road surface temperature, subsurface temperature, road status, freezing point, water layer thickness, salt concentration, slipperiness
  • Overview camera with night vision: road status day and night, visual monitoring of road status, visual monitoring of actual weather, day and night mode
  • Visibility and precipitation type: indispensable data for winter maintenance and road safety, precipitation type, precipitation intensity and type, visibility
  • Wind speed and direction measurement: wind speed, wind direction
  • Temperature and air humidity: air temperature, dew point, air humidity, air pressure
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Meteorological camera

The road weather station can be supplemented by 2DRoad camera, which has revolutionized the imaging/viewing/scanning of the road surface.

  • 2D road status
  • 2D slipperiness
  • Road surface temperature
  • Visual image

Control of variable traffic signs

Your road weather station can provide data to the central system as well as control variable traffic signs. These, among other things, inform about the road status.

  • Icy road
  • Skid danger
  • Crosswind
  • Fog
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