Let us help you to control traffic 

Smooth passage through the city, safe traffic, faster way home. We design traffic control systems tailored to the needs of any city. One that is eco-friendly and makes the lives of drivers much easier.

  • Better comfort and safety
  • Satisfied citizens
  • Increased city attractiveness 
  • Other direct and indirect economical returns for the city


Software for easy traffic control

CROSS eDaptiva is a system for city traffic monitoring and control. You can easily manage it from your computer or phone.

  • Mobile application
  • Web browser
  • Traffic engineering 


  • Traffic engineering and programming of traffic light controllers
  • Adaptive control and traffic flow optimization
  • On-line monitoring, remote administration and maintenance
  • Centralized management in all modes
  • Optional interconnection between traffic light controllers and surrounding infrastructure V2X
  • Traffic data collection and evaluation
  • Connectivity via different protocols
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Connecting traffic light controllers to the infrastructure

V2X system communicates with the surrounding infrastructure and it can get connected even to third-party applications. It evaluates data from intersections, cameras, other traffic light controllers and from satellites for smooth passage through the city. 


  • Preference setting according to the local traffic hierarchy plan (e.g. public transport and emergency vehicles)
  • Warning about pedestrians when turning
  • Selective vehicle preference assignment and traffic flow optimization
  • Minimalisation of vehicle delays at intersections
  • Optimization of fast passage of public transport
  • Possible function extensions
  • Automatic adjustments in case of a traffic accident
  • Reaction to speed limit in the given section
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Centralized priority solution

Purely software solution

No need for additional hardware in the traffic controllers. Interconnection of any fleet system to traffic controllers: emergency vehicle, public transport, taxis, any other type of vehicle with GPS tracking. 


  • Priority level is configured freely based on different parameters. For example: type of vehicle (emergency or public transport), vehicle ID, delay, number of passengers, peak hour, etc.
  • All-in-one solution:
    • Fleet monitoring module  
    • Traffic controller monitoring and operation module (traffic center) 
    • Priority solution module 
    • Scenario and workflow settings 
    • Statistics, KPI, dashboards
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