Triumph for CROSS holding and Verdo Teknik

Years of experience gained across the world, a reputation for reliability and quality, the fact it has its own development centre and much more besides all contributed to CROSS being awarded an important tender. The firm has been tasked with implementing a central monitoring and control system in Esbjerg, the fifth largest city in Denmark. A recognised expert in this field, the company has been carrying out ITS (intelligent traffic system) and smart city projects for quite some time - since 1994, no less.

Triumph for CROSS holding and Verdo Teknik

As a consequence, we have the ability to tailor our traffic control systems to suit the needs of each locality. The cutting-edge equipment our teams put in place at intersections raises the fluency of transit through the streets. The desire to spearhead the development and proliferation of innovative technologies has always been the chief motivation of CROSS, as these contribute to ensuring safety on city roads and keeping traffic moving.

CROSS provides municipalities, business partners and clients with first-class services, technologies and products. The proud winners of this tender, we are looking forward to installing the very first ITS of its kind in Denmark. As the name suggests, an intelligent traffic system comprises everything necessary for controlling traffic effectively. This includes traffic light controllers, software for setting parameters and permitting management, and an operations centre for monitoring roads and adaptively controlling the situation on them. The centre planned for this project will combine OCIT protocol connections and non-OCIT devices in a single interface, which is a really smart approach!

A joint partnership project, it includes delivery of a monitoring and control software platform, dubbed LISA +, affording a breadth of functionality for management purposes. Every function provided by LISA + is implemented in the controller and can be applied as required by traffic engineers. Traffic light controllers by CROSS communicate with the surrounding infrastructure and share information with it to facilitate the smooth and safe flow of vehicles.

The CROSS systems in Esbjerg shall give preference to public transport at controlled traffic lights, which occurs through data transfer from such a vehicle to the traffic light, triggering an immediate reaction by the system, for example, by extending the duration of a green light and letting the vehicle continue on its way.

Another commission under the Danish project is a parking navigation system that eases orientation around car parks and parking garages, facilitated by variable signs which offer guidance to drivers.

All of this is topped off by the integration of devices such as traffic and bicycle counters, stations displaying the speed of vehicles and electromechanical bollards for pedestrian or residential areas.

The project by CROSS for Esbjerg shall elevate it to the level of a smart city, shortening travel times through its streets, simplifying parking and enabling efficient control of traffic. After all, greater mobility makes a city a comfortable and pleasant place to live.