Certified Weigh-in-Motion for direct enforcement in the Czech Republic

Road surface protection, overloaded truck detection, and accurate traffic data: these are the benefits of CrossWIM. We installed this system on the newly built D8 motorway near the village Lovosice (47th km).

Certified Weigh-in-Motion for direct enforcement in the Czech Republic

The certified CrossWIM system for direct enforcement and fine generation helps the Czech Road and Motorway Directorate to monitor overloaded vehicles. The system makes it possible to accurately weigh all traffic in both directions, especially trucks, with an accuracy of ± 5% and, in case they are overloaded, to automatically generate a traffic fine.

"The CrossWIM system is used for weighing in motion, thanks to which it is possible to protect newly repaired surfaces of motorways and roads from damage by overloaded trucks," says Vladimír Kašík, product manager, from CROSS Zlín, a. s., which supplies the system. "Municipalities are thus succeeding not only in saving on maintenance, but also in obtaining finance for municipal budgets by fining overloaded vehicles that have nothing to do on the roads."

We installed CrossWIM in cooperation with the Rebut association for the Eurovia CZ company as part of the renovation of the AB cover on the D8 motorway. Weighing takes place on two series of weighing sensors, which complement the sensors for the detection of double axles, and also includes a camera system for front and rear reading of registration plates. In the past, we installed WIM systems on the Czech highways D2, D5 and at Velké Meziříčí.

The same CrossWIM system for direct enforcement now helps to weigh overloaded trucks on 1st class roads in the Central Bohemian Region (more specifically Říčany, Ovčáry, Neratovice, Kolín). Part of this project was the complete replacement of existing sensors, the modification of the road surface and the installation of the CrossWIM system for direct enforcement.

In September and October of this year, the sensors were calibrated and certified on all newly installed sections.

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