Dynamic weighing for direct enforcement

CrossWIM Direct enforcement precisely weighs and measures vehicles at high speed. It is a certified to provide evidence for offense proceedings and automatically creates documentation for direct fining.

  • Accuracy ±5%
  • Vehicle classification
  • Weighing with the accuracy typically ±5%
  • Measurement of speed, number of axles, length of the vehicle, wheelbase and axle load
  • Vehicle classification EN 13 + 1, EUR 13, COST 323
  • Two induction loops per one lane
  • Two rows of WIM sensors per lane
  • Two rows of WIM sensors per lane and one skewed PIEZO row
  • Three rows of WIM sensors and one skewed PIEZO row


Software for direct enforcement

The web interface with the Watchdesk module enables you to display all passing vehicles in real-time. The application shows the number of axles, wheel weight or wheel speed for each of the passing vehicles. It allows to directly indicate the traffic offence.


  • Identification of vehicles exceeding allowed parameters
  • User-defined offense rules
  • Visual and audio signalization of offenses
  • Generation of a digitally signed offense document with visual documentation
  • Data transfer to offense processing systems
  • Module for system certification by local metrological authority
  • Statistics of travel flow
  • Device calibration and configuration of operational parameters
  • API for data integration
  • Real-time license plate recognition
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CROSSWIM Control Unit


The control unit was developed with an emphasis on accuracy, reliability and simplicity. It is suitable for single lane installations as well as for multi-lane roads with heavy traffic. 


  • Open system for various WIM sensors and at the same time compatible with other third-party components
  • Fully adaptable to different requirements and traffic conditions
  • Possibility to define own categories according to specific needs and requirements
  • Weighing in up to 12 lanes
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Typical CrossWIM accessories


Need more detailed data? Make use of the system's accessories.


  • License plate recognition: it recognizes license plates in real-time.
  • Vehicle size measurement sensor: measuring of vehicle's height, width and length. The sensor is usable for accurate speed detection and vehicle classification as well.
  • Variable message signs: may display vehicle's license plate, speed or weight and if needed, divert overloaded vehicles.
  • Overview cameras: provide snapshots and real-time video visualisation.
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