Weigh-In-Motion in Marsa, Malta

  • 4+5 lines installation
  • pre-selection with a weighing accuracy of +/-5%
  • double mounting and axle width detection

We can boast another significant installation of weighing systems, this time in Malta, and CROSS is back.

Currently, our colleague is installing systems for 4 and 5 lanes in the pre-selection variation. It is designed for more accurate traffic measurement, for weighing vehicles and their pre-selection for solving offenses with a weighing accuracy of +/- 5 %. The installation consists of two induction loops, two series of QUARTZ sensors and diagonal sensors for detecting double mounting and axle width on each lane. Speed, number of axles, vehicle length, wheelbase and axle weight are also measured.

This project is unique in Malta and the primary goal is to get acquainted with weighing systems. 4 lanes are already equipped with loops and sensors, the opposite direction is now being installed. This will be followed by system setup and calibration. Due to the current pandemic situation, our developers are forced to work remotely with Malta.

Weigh-In-Motion in Marsa, Malta