Installation of sensors for weighing in motion in Plovdid

  • 6 line installation
  • Double-tyre detection
  • Connected to web application

In May 2021, another of our installations for weighing in motion took place. This time it was installed in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, which stands on the banks of the Maritsa River in the historical region of Thrace.

In cooperation with a local university of more than 13,000 students, one of six universities in the city, various types of sensors are being tested and their reliability and accuracy are being recorded. The project also includes a comparison of different types of cameras for reading vehicle registration plates from different suppliers.

The main advantages of the high-speed weigh in motion system are the obtained data about the vehicle, the measured dimensions of the vehicle, ie. height, width and length, information on possible double tyiring and vehicle speed measurement. A web application for data and SQL database integration is a certainty.

The installation is considered to be quite demanding, where a full six lanes of different sensors and different technologies are included and installed. We are implementing this event with the partner company Kontrax.

Installation of sensors for weighing in motion in Plovdid