Weigh in Motion system in Hong Kong

CROSS´s high speed weigh-in-motion system has left the EU borders again. A long preparatory project was finally realised in windy Hong Kong.

Weigh in Motion system in Hong Kong

Hong Kong city is not only one of the most densely populated places in the world, but is an important economic and business centre.

The installation was realised last autumn and the six lane HSWIM system meets the demanding criteria and ensures accurate measurement results. The installation was realised in cooperation with a local experienced partner Win Promise Ltd under CROSS´s professional supervision.

This installation was one of the most complex due to the frequent changes in weather, which brings typhoons. The system was finally installed, calibrated and now works properly.

The solution has been installed to measure all vehicles and specially to focus on overloaded trucks to enlarge bridge lifespan and to increase road safety.

Integration of other sensors/detectors enhances the CrossWIM solution to another level of measurement and detection.

CROSS´s system as a modular solution can combine up to 5 different sensor types from several suppliers in one installation lane and the computing unit can be configured as the customer desires.

Lastly, the next planned steps need to be mentioned, which will be aimed at supplying more traffic technologies from CROSS including the smart city central management platform, which can supply cooperative functionalities thanks to customizable pre-set rule engines.