Let us help you with traffic flow

How much will the trip to the city centre take? At what time does the rush hour start? Travel Time function is able to measure travel time and average speed. It detects traffic jams and accidents. It provides comprehensive data so that you can control traffic effectively.

  • Travel Time
  • Alternative routes
  • Travel time measurement 
  • Average speed measurement
  • Suggestions of alternative routes 
  • Queue and incident detection
  • Detection of standing or slowly moving vehicles

BlueTooth module

Travel Time and Traffic Flow Specialist

The system is based on anonymous monitoring and collecting of unique MAC addresses of Bluetooth devices found inside vehicles passing through the monitored section. Thanks to the data obtained this way, it is possible to determine the current events on the roads with high accuracy.


  • Accurate and transparent data for traffic detection
  • Easily utilizable data for websites, mobile applications and guidance systems
  • Origin-destination survey
  • Bluetooth module is an add-on module for CrossCount
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