Parking systems

P+R on Hlučínská loop in the city of Ostrava

  • License plate recognition cameras
  • City's ODIS card integration
  • Ticketless system

CROSS has completed the installation of a new modern parking system as part of the investment project of the Hlučínská loop parking lot in Ostrava. The car park offers 118 parking spaces and serves for convenient transfer of commuters from cars to public transport or shared bicycles.

The car park has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The entry and exit terminal with barriers is equipped with cameras for license plate recognition. It is a ticketless system, where entry and exit are only possible with a bank card (tokenization system) or with the city's ODIS card. It is the linking of the city or payment cards that allows getting discounts on parking in case of further use of public transport. The car park is equipped with a camera system, which is also connected to the control room of the transport company.

This P+R car park is one of the previously installed car parks not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovenia, for example. P+R car parks are a popular choice in the world to combine individual transport with faster and more environmentally friendly public transport.

P+R on Hlučínská loop in the city of Ostrava