Case study - Monitoring of road network in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a nation with superior management of road weather status thanks to CROSS’ network of over 650 weather stations and advanced tools for authorities. The solution in place helps regions, municipalities and other organizations save on wintertime maintenance costs, has kept roads passable and heightened safety levels.

Case study - Monitoring of road network in the Czech Republic

The unique METIS system and related modules (SSWM, WMi) that CROSS has specially developed are employed on the country’s motorways and major roads by the national road authority, as well as by regional entities involved in wintertime maintenance (local authorities or subcontractors). Over 60,000 km of roads in the Czech Republic and in the nation’s cities are monitored and carry out online surveillance. The reliable equipment and state-of-the-art technologies provide users with clear data for wintertime maintenance.

SSWM is a comprehensive dispatching module for forecasting the condition and temperature of the road surface. It uses a sophisticated prediction engine and provides an individual recommended maintenance scenario for each maintenance area, including the optimal chemical spread weight.

WMi is a tool for working out the intensity of wintertime maintenance and controlling related expenses. The financial aspect permits effective monitoring of costs spent on maintaining roads in the winter by anticipating the extent required according to specific criteria and then comparing the resultant data to actual values.

These technologies make it possible to easily check and discern the performance of wintertime maintenance, in addition to promoting road safety through forecasts up to 12 hours in advance. Other advantages include saving on expenditure due to the correct use of gritting materials and the ability to generate invoicing documentation.