Freeing up the cities

Pavis is a natural with overfull cities. It ensures free passage of vehicles and smooth parking.

  • Easy parking
  • Safe streets
  • Easy solution
  • Easily accessible parking near public service buildings
  • Better availiability of parking spaces
  • Protection of private and reserved parking spaces
  • Free roads for the passage of vehicles
  • Increased road safety
  • Easy and effective solution for every city

Software Pavis

Application for offence detection in both headquarters and streets

The CROSS Pavis system allows you to generate offense documents, which is a set of proof materials including an overview picture of the offending vehicle with an automatically recognised license plate.


  • Automatic generation of offences
  • Detailed and conclusive documentation of offences
  • Time limit setting
  • White list
  • Customizable output format (open data format)
  • Full funcionality even in case of a short-term data connectivity outage
  • License plate recognition
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