Žilina is the first in Slovakia to introduce a preference for all its public transport vehicles

The recently completed project is designed to help all public transport vehicles to meet timetable times throughout the day regardless of the traffic situation. CROSS Zlín participated in the project by delivering traffic controllers and detection at intersections, designing network infrastructure and also implementing a traffic center into the entire system.

Žilina is the first in Slovakia to introduce a preference for all its public transport vehicles

Žilina, like almost all major cities, is struggling with personal car traffic. The city's infrastructure often did not cope with the traffic load, and traffic jams were created in which even public transport vehicles were stuck. The objective of the Preferred Public Passenger Vehicles project at the light-controlled intersections in Žilina is to ensure that Žilina's trolleybuses and buses are able to meet timetable times and arrive at stops in the correct order and interval, regardless of the traffic situation in the city.

The system is based on new traffic light controllers at 9 intersections and 84 onboard units, which are located in public transport vehicles. These units communicate wirelessly with the controllers, and if the public transport vehicle approaches the intersection, the system either extends the green interval or sends a signal to the driver that he can wait at the stop so that he does not unnecessarily stop in red. At the same time, the intersections were supplemented by cameras, thanks to which dispatchers can see the situation in real time.

If two public transport vehicles enter the intersection at the same time, the controller prefers a delayed connection or a vehicle with a set priority of passage. “In addition to optimizing the timetable, the smooth flow of public transport vehicles through traffic lights will also save fuel, as vehicles do not have to start as often and unnecessarily. This saves not only time and money, but also the environment, ”explained Ján Barienčík, director of the DPMŽ at the press conference to launch the project.

The project also includes the mobile application and web platform Invipo https://smart.zilina.sk, which offers the public a wide range of information, such as timetables, the actual location of public transport vehicles, camera shots and other information on traffic in Žilina. The investment of less than EUR 2 million was financed by the City of Žilina through the Integrated Regional Operational Program, the European Union subsidy covered 85% of the costs.