We supply CrossWIM systems for weigh-in-motion all over the world

CrossWIM and #OptiWIM are systems that help cities measure and weigh traffic, obtain statistical data, or directly penalize congested vehicles. We supply unique, accurate and reliable systems for weighing-in-motion from Zlín to the whole world.

We supply CrossWIM systems for weigh-in-motion all over the world

How to increase road life span even when overloaded vehicles pass regularly? How to easily solve a fair toll system with payment for each tonne of cargo? These questions are answered by our CrossWIM and #OptiWIM systems for weighing-in-motion. Their big advantage is high reliability and accurate weighing. As a result, they are used in traffic all over the world.

In Russian Omsk, we installed 10 CrossWIM systems, which are used for direct fines of overloaded vehicles. Russia is the second country after the Czech Republic, where WIM automatic enforcement systems are applied. The implementation is also unique in the fact that we have integrated local technologies, such as cameras for licence plate recognition. This demonstrates the flexibility and openness of CrossWIM to third-party technologies. At home, you would meet CrossWIM on the D5, D8 or D2 motorways, where they are ready and certified for direct enforcement for overloaded vehicles. We have also installed WIM technology on the D1 and D3 motorways in Slovakia.

In Venice, Italy, we carried out a project for statistical weighing in the spring. Such a system is capable of weighing with an accuracy of 7-10% and is designed to monitor overloaded vehicles. In a pilot project, we installed the system at the port, where hundreds of extremely overloaded trucks pass daily. The purpose of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness of installing systems for weighing-in-motion.

We will also implement a comprehensive project in Uganda. Three direct enforcement systems and traffic information boards with current weighing information will monitor the weight of passing vehicles. As soon as the overloaded vehicle appears on the scale, the traffic sign will divert the vehicle to the parking lane for static weighing scales based on the registration plate. The system is also ready to automatically send fines to those vehicles that do not go to the parking lane for weighing.

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