We supply controllers to Portugal

We delivered more than 75 traffic light controllers to Portuguese cities. We have sent the largest volume, 60 pieces of CROSS RS 4S controllers in the OEM version, to the capital city of Lisbon with an estimated popuplation of 500,000, where a project of intersection controllers modernization has been running since 2019.

We supply controllers to Portugal

In order to build a quality traffic infrastructure in the historic city centers, it is necessary to offer comprehensive and above-standard services in traffic management, which can solve insufficient road capacities and offer solutions for ever-increasing demands on their capacity in the future.

We at CROSS can also cope with large cities. The CROSS RS 4S controllers, which we still supply as part of the modernization project of Lisbon, the old European city, are designed for quick and easy installation. They allow the preference of public transport and IRS vehicles, meet technical standards, as well as the level of safety SIL3. Above standard is their V2X communication capability, which connects controllers to surrounding infrastructure or cars, and prepares cities for future autonomous traffic.

Data from the controllers are stored in the cloud of the CROSS eDaptiva traffic center, providing simple management of all connected controllers, their mutual communication is possible thanks to the OCIT communication protocol. eDaptiva enables adaptive control and optimization of traffic flow, online monitoring and remote management of controllers, as well as traffic flow analysis. All this in a clear interface on a desktop, tablet or mobile application.

Thanks to all the mentioned technologies, it is easier to control and optimize traffic and to prepare it for the latest trends in the field of autonomous traffic management in the future.