We have equipped a new P + R car park in Grosuplje, Slovenia

Less than a year has passed since the foundation stone was laid to the opening of the new P + R parking house in Grosuplje, Slovenia. 161 parking spaces, of total 222, will be intended for Park & Ride parking. The city management, thus wants to support sustainable urban traffic.

We have equipped a new P + R car park in Grosuplje, Slovenia

The parking house in Grosuplje, near the capital Ljubljana, has not only P + R parking spaces, but also charging stations for e-bikes and electric cars. Grosuplje wants to support not only green traffic around the city, but also public transport to the metropolis, which wants to relieve vehicle traffic. The parking house helps the city to move further on its path to more environmental friendly traffic and becomes a model for the equipment of parking houses.

The Zlín-based company CROSS has installed barrier parking systems for vehicle entry and exit in the parking house, the CROSS APTM payment terminal, which simplifies payment in cash, by credit card or parking card. The delivery in Grosuplje also includes a navigation system that guides drivers to free parking spaces, makes it easier for them to park.

The main functional novelty that we supplied is the integration with the city card, the so-called Urbana card, which allows citizens and tourists to travel by city bus on favorable terms. There are two variants of the city card, namely yellow rechargeable and green monthly. Park & ​​Ride's support is that, thanks to the integration, discounts on parking fees can be granted based on whether the car park user owns a city card and has used public transport. This is completely automatic when the vehicle exits. If the user has used the bus and leaves the car park, then they do not even have to visit the APTM payment terminal and is allowed to leave immediately.

We also integrated the electronic wallet of this city card. In addition to cash and a credit card, those who are assessed by the system as having to pay parking fee, or park their vehicle for more than one day, can also pay with a prepaid credit in the APTM payment terminal.