Thanks to CROSS the city of Olomouc has become a Smart city

In April, the mobile app Smart Olomouc, which was supplied by the CROSS company in Zlín, was successfully launched. The application is a part of the project Traffic Control Center Olomouc, which was launched last year.

Thanks to CROSS the city of Olomouc has become a Smart city

The new traffic center, which has been in operation in the city of Olomouc since last September, brings to the city a modern and sophisticated solution for intelligent traffic management, which is connected to 42 existing intersections and which, in the future, allows to connect others according to the city's needs. These intersections are now not only monitored but also controlled from the traffic center using the latest technologies, allowing traffic to be coordinated based on the current traffic situation, including signaling at traffic lights according to current or extraordinary events. Thanks to this system, it is now possible to set up, for example, the so-called green wave on coordinated sections or to allow preference for public transport and vehicles of the integrated rescue system.

The open Smart City platform Invipo has also been launched as part of the traffic center, which allows you to link all traffic information, including the current availability of street and enclosed car parks. In the future, it will be supplemented with information on travel times within the city and further integration into the remaining areas of public life is expected in the future. You can now check the availability of the six largest car parks in Olomouc and the traffic situation in the city on the website or in the application Smart Olomouc, which is free to download for Android and iOS operating systems. Traffic statistics are processed into well-arranged charts, it is also possible to find information on current closures or traffic accidents. Every driver driving through Olomouc can now better plan their route thanks to the application and save a lot of time outside traffic jams or when searching for free space in occupied car parks.

Smart Olomouc uses digital interconnection between individual modules, thanks to which it is possible to react and improve services in real time. In the future in Olomouc are preparing further expansion of the system by deploying detectors to monitor the current traffic levels in the city to more places than so far, monitoring the remaining parking spaces and fitted with variable message signs to help drivers react to current situations on the road even when they won't be able to use mobile or other apps.

“Based on experience we can say that the benefits of our system will not only be felt by drivers, but will affect all citizens of the city of Olomouc also because we can tailor the application to each city or municipality according to their own requirements,” says project manager Ing. Ivo Gajdošík. Algorithms that work with data and immediately run sophisticated scenarios bring countless possibilities to improve the quality of life of inhabitants in all types of cities, which will be felt in the future by the citizens of Olomouc.