Public transport preferences in Prešov, Slovakia

Smooth, fast, and safe traffic has always been a big challenge for us. We want passable cities with flexible and efficient transport.

Public transport preferences in Prešov, Slovakia

Together with the partner company ALAM, s.r.o., as part of the "Introduction of modern technologies in traffic regulation" project, we implemented the public transport preference in two traffic-complicated places in Prešov - Levočská street and the Sekčov housing estate. In total, light signaling was modernized at 16 intersections. These are equipped with CROSS RS 4 controllers.

The installation will bring the following benefits to the city:

- reduction of fuel consumption

- optimization of public transport coordination

- delay minimization – in this case, during rush hour, the delay is reduced by up to half

Intelligent CROSS systems work in such a way that data is transmitted between public transport vehicles and the light signaling controller, which enables the system to react immediately to the presence of such a vehicle, or extend the green for its smooth passage.


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