#OptiWIM® sensors tested rigorously during manufacturing

The #OptiWIM® system is unique not only technically, but also in the precision observed in production processes and testing. Each one is thoroughly checked prior to leaving the factory. Quality is of paramount importance.

#OptiWIM® sensors tested rigorously during manufacturing

Every unit made is subjected to intense load tests during production and in subsequent stages. Before leaving the factory, each one is placed in a heat chamber for several hours, and later on a vibration table. Exposed to a minimum of 10 cycles at temperatures of at least 100°C, the unit has to withstand such conditions without the slightest change occurring in structure and operation. Meanwhile, it is connected to a device that monitors and evaluates each measuring component incorporated for the entire test period. Any unit found to deviate from the norm is rejected.

Likewise, it is necessary to check resistance, which is where the vibration table comes in. The purpose is to simulate traffic on the road, but the laboratory conditions are exaggerated, meaning the vibrations are a lot higher and more frequent than in the real world. The unit is put through a series of extreme tests that last several dozen minutes and it cannot be affected by them.

Every #OptiWIM® sensor that leaves the CROSS factory has been checked out thoroughly and is ready for immediate use. After installation, the only task necessary is to perform the final calibration. Then the #OptiWIM station is all set to do its job of detecting overloaded vehicles, even to the level of determining the number of wheels on vehicles, at the highest possible accuracy.

#OptiWIM® is the world's first high-speed weighing system for moving traffic, gauging weights for the full width of the road. This happens regardless of the current position of wheels during passage, in what is referred to as free-flow mode. It is the first to use fibre optic technologies to enable the most accurate measurement, while its construction is immune to environmental influences. OptiWIM® represents a next generation system for the high-speed weighing of vehicles, also ushering in the option to issue direct fines or toll charges according to the actual weight of a vehicle.