New parking systems at Zlín Zoo

The zoo is the most popular attraction in the Zlín region of the Czech Republic, with over 600,000 visitors passing through its gates each year. CROSS, itself based in the city of Zlin, has equipped the local zoo’s existing car park with systems to ease parking and payment.

New parking systems at Zlín Zoo

Previously, it hadn’t been pleasant for visitors to arrive to find they had to queue at cash desks or ticket machines, search for a vacant space or line up to enter the zoo. For families with children, this didn’t make for a great start to the day.

In fact, the zoo’s car park has been more than overhauled, as it now boasts a fully automated system. What does this mean, exactly? Lukáš Krahulec, CROSS’s project manager for parking equipment, said of the new installation: “In addition to arrival and exit points, automatic barriers, payment terminals and ticket machines, it includes displays for navigating drivers and a central control server from which everything can be managed. We’ve fitted similar set-ups at airports, hospitals and shopping centers all over the world, so I’m glad we were commissioned to deliver a similarly comprehensive system to Zlín Zoo, too, an attraction local to us.”

1,500 parking spaces for visitors

Facilities at the zoo comprise 1,500 parking spaces in the immediate vicinity in public or privately run car parks, marking out the new infrastructure as one of the most advanced in the Czech Republic. For example, the new arrangement at a private car park guides drivers to free vacant spaces, deals with each car at the entrance in seconds and offers easy payment by card or cash – removing the need to queue or wait around. Moreover, security is ensured as the area is monitored 24/7 by CCTV cameras, aiding the resolution of insurance claims.