Modernization of Zlín car parks – Smart Zlín project

Modernization of Zlín car parks – Smart Zlín project

CROSS Zlín is involved in the modernization of all parking lots in Zlín, as part of the Smart Zlín project.

Booths with attendants who collect parking fees will be gradually removed from all parking lots. These will be replaced by an automatic barrier system. Among the parking lots that have already been completed are the Great Cinema parking lot, the Nad Tržnicí parking lot, the Gahurova parking lot, the Municipal Theater parking lot, and the parking lot on Bartošova Street is currently being reconstructed.

The systems are fully automatic, i.e. unattended. They are all connected via the city's metropolitan network monitored from the new control room in TS Zlín in Louky. Using the intercom, parking lot customers are connected directly to the dispatch center, whose operating hours are 24/7.

There are automatic cash registers at every parking lot where you can pay in cash or by credit card. Any overpayment is returned by the cashiers in coins and banknotes. There is also a Cashless automatic payment station installed in the parking lot near the Great Cinema, where you can only pay by credit card. This payment station is subject to the latest trends in contactless payments. All payment stations variants allow you to simply enter the vehicle's registration number in the event of a lost parking ticket, and the system will calculate the parking fee based on the recognized registration number.

All parking systems also support the use of resident cards and are also equipped with license plate recognition cameras for easier check-in of customers upon exiting the parking lot.

As part of the modernization of the parking lots, technological islands and the road surface were also renewed. This reconstruction of parking lots will be followed by the installation of new information displays that will inform drivers throughout the city about the occupancy of individual parking lots.

All parking lots are connected to a mobile payment application that is very simple, fast, and follows the current technology trend.