CrossWIM Pilot in Greece

The latest reference project for our CrossWIM is a pilot for statistical measurement in Greece, where the CrossWIM was installed on 3 locations.

CrossWIM Pilot in Greece

All sites are on the A1 motorway: 1st is on the exit towards Tragan, direction Athens (two lanes), 2nd is on the 188 km near Alamanas bridge, direction Athens (one lane), and the 3rd is on an exit to the ancient port city of Stylida (one lane).

CrossWIM Statistics helps to obtain accurate traffic data. It is suitable for monitoring road congestion and detailed statistics on road traffic, with a weighing accuracy of typically ± 15%. This system measures speed, number of axles, vehicle length, wheelbase and weight on the axles of the vehicle.

A speciality of this project was a SW customization to comply with the local data protection guidelines that require drivers’ faces to be blurred out. This fact greatly limits the supply of solutions. However, together with the client, we managed to fine-tune the project to meet these specifics.

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