Parking guidance system 

Cameras instead of sensors

Powerful system for monitoring parking spaces using cameras. They can easily detect the occupancy of 4 places at once, identify license plates or oversee a given parking spot.


  • Occupancy detection
  • License plate identification
  • Light navigation
  • Inappropriate parking detection
  • Supervision of parking safety
  • Fully integrated with CrossPark parking systems
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Occupancy sensors

For on-street parking

Sensors can easily detect parking spots occupancy or parking times exceeding.



  • Vehicle identification by electronic license
  • Full integration with Invipo application for on-street parking
  • Detection of exceeding parking times
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Guidance displays

For barrier parking system or on-street parking

Efficient guidance displays can inform you about the number of free parking spaces in car parks and on the street. They can differentiate parking spaces for handicapped people.


  • Notice of availability of parking spaces
  • Navigation to parking places
  • Reservation of parking places
  • Sharing parking spaces
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Mobile application

Data easily on your mobile

The parking module is part of a comprehensive mobile application for cities that use the Invipo platform. In the parking module, the user can see the location of the parking spaces above the map of the city, information about the availability of free parking spaces and other useful information.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Navigation to free parking spaces
  • Information on pricing, availability of public transport stops nearby and parking hours
  • Reading QR codes to verify the validity of the parking ticket
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