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We are turning ordinary cities into Smart Cities. And to do that, we need smart minds with a passion for development. Our developers see the results of their work all around them and can continuously improve them. Developing intersection control, parking navigation systems or even weigh-in-motion technology is a lively and action-packed affair. With the right codes, we can detect road surface conditions and warn of the risk of aquaplaning or icing.

Our development team can program traffic so that parking is good, city passage is faster and congestion-free, so that roads and highways are free of congestion and danger.

Add your hand and your head full of codes to our work. Let's drive the world from Izmir!

ASP.NET Core, C#, Java, SPA, C++,FPGA, Python ... choose what you want

SW ARCHITECT, SW ENGINEER or PROGRAMMER or DEVELOPER? The job title doesn't matter, your taste and choice of programming language does.

In our development department in the city of Izmir we are looking for new colleagues who like modern technologies and innovative solutions. And ours make people's lives easier. Parking navigation systems, violation detection, weigh-in-motion, traffic control or road weather, you can put your code in there.



  • You want to develop smart traffic technologies that you see on the roads around you
  • You have a cool head, analytical and logical thinking
  • You can mix technologies based on your knowledge of these ingredients: ASP.NET Core, C#, C++/17/20, FPGA programming (Xilinx Zyng, Intel MAX10) signal processing in Python,
  • You also want to participate in new HW development, driver development and Linux kernel builds based on HW
  • You don't shy away from English at work and you've already done some programming.



  • You want to work on large multinational projects
  • We develop own technologies for our traffic solutions around the world
  • What you develop, a tester will test
  • We'll give you a permanent contract and 4 weeks holiday
  • Flexible working hours
  • We´ll pay for you courses and education
  • You´ll get a mobile phone and a notebook
  • You'll get meal vouchers
  • Cool teams and nice team leaders, plus a nice office in the city
  • Journeys to Europe including accomodation, flight tickets and Schengen visa
  • Swimming pool and gym membership

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    We have our own development department where you can profile yourself, whether you enjoy C ++, Python or another language.