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CrossCount informs you about the overburdened road locations. It counts and classified vehicles. CrossCount brings easily readable data and well organized reports, which you can make use of for traffic control and road network development.

  • Detailed data
  • Detailed overview
  • Detailed data on the traffic load at the road sites
  • Actual traffic level information
  • Detailed split by vehicle category (vehicle classes)
  • Customer definition of vehicle categories (classes); e.g. according to national standards
  • Adjustable time resolution
  • Detailed statistics and reports

CrossCount Control unit

Technology for traffic flow monitoring

CrossCount is a control unit that measures traffic intensity, off-lane driving, detects traffic jams, recognizes license plates or measures vehicle dimensions. We can easily adapt it to your needs and connect it to other devices.


  • One module covers up to 10 lanes
  • Low energy consumption
  • Power blackout protection
  • Frost and heat resistance
  • Optional solar energy supply
  • Internal and external memory
  • Wide range of peripheral interfaces
  • Ethernet and mobile network communication 
  • Open platform for various of sensors and peripherals
  • Universal unit for varied traffic applications
  • Available in OEM version 
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CrossCount Software

Application for data evaluation

Web application CrossCount gives a clear overview of the measured data, it stores them for stastics as well as predictions and it provides clear and precise reports. The application is easy to operate and fully adaptable to your needs.


  • Secured login
  • User-friendly enviroment
  • Adaptability to further applications
  • Remote configuration and online access
  • Customizable to traffic of any kind
  • API for data itegration
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