Protects city centres from heavy traffic

Urban conservation zones, residential districts, schools... CROSS Avis functions in all the areas, where there's need for regulation of vehicle passes.

  • Time limitation
  • Selection of the mode of transport
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Vehicle passes based on license plate number (e.g. public transportation, emergency vehicles or residents)
  • Time limitation of the entry
  • Selection of the mode of transport in a selected area (e.g. only passenger traffic)
  • Real-time monitoring of selected locations
  • Preparation of documents for further legal proceedings
  • Real-live video from the place of installation

Software Avis

Application for acces violation

For detection, Avis utilises a camera with an integrated system for license plate recognition. Each individual record contains:

  • Vehicle's license plate number
  • Timestamp of the event
  • Information about the precise location
  • Violation protocol
  • Detailed photo documentation of the event
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