CROSS Zlín celebrates 25 years

When we installed the first traffic light controller twenty-five years ago, we could not imagine where we would be in a quarter of a century. We may not have dared hope to have experience from all over the world, hundreds of realizations and thousands of kilometers of safe roads. This year's 25th Anniversary celebrations are a great joy for us and a look back at all that CROSS and I have experienced.

CROSS Zlín celebrates 25 years

Since the first controller we installed in 1994, we have moved on to a portfolio of dozens of technologies. Our systems help monitor the situation on the roads and make ordinary cities smart cities. From traffic light controllers, we got to big projects like our flagship Izmir. In the 3 million city, we have installed over 3,000 devices to help local people to move smoothly and safely. We made a passage  through the city faster, improved ambulance or firefighting passage, and relieved locals from crowded roads and parking lots. Izmir belongs to our shop windows as well as our home Zlín.

We try to make it easier for drivers not only to pass the city, but also to park. We have completed hundreds of smart parking lots, parking systems and parking supervision for small and large cities. This is to make parking faster, easier and more efficient.

We are also in charge of more than 600 weather stations on the Czech motorway network. Thanks to them we can watch the weather and take care of the road safety even in the worst sleet. After all, in the field of road weather, we are number one at home.

And not to forget, our strength is also the high-speed weighing of the traffic, where we have gathered experience for 15 years. We were the first in the world to come up with a system that can weigh vehicles in full width and with high precision thanks to fiber optic cables.

We started as a quite small company from the city of Zlín and today you can find our traffic solutions in 56 countries on 5 continents. 25 years is a reason to celebrate. One of the reasons is that CROSS Zlín has 160 employees who work on how to improve traffic and life in cities around the world every day. Without them we would still be at the beginning. Together we celebrated our birthday in the Zlín Theater with Saturnin. We would like to thank all those who decided to go with us. Employees and partners. It is thanks to you that CROSS Zlín celebrates its successful twenty-five years.